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What To Do If You Have Diabetes And The Grid Goes Down 

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Best Part: These natural and alternative therapies are inexpensive and don't require dependence on Big Pharma, Big Government, traditional delivery methods... or even... reliable electricity!

Dear Friend,

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes... or... are 1 of the approximately 60 Million Americans who have pre-diabetes (often without knowing it), then this will be one of the most important messages you will ever read (from a health and quality of life point-of-view)!

Here is why:

First of all, a quick disclaimer and explanation...

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. In fact, I have no medical training whatsoever. So this is not "medical" advice and you should always consult a physician before making any important decisions about your health and well-being.

EXPLANATION: As you have probably noticed, I am publishing this book anonymously as...

Sam Adams 

Why am I doing this? The reason is simple really.

I say some very controversial things about our Government, Big Pharma, the FDA and other regulatory agencies that, even though I'm fully within my First Amendment Rights to do so under The United States Constitution, could put me under the microscope in ways that I know (from first-hand experience) I do not want to deal with.

Having said that, though, I feel this information is so important, I must get it into the hands of everyone who, like me, thought they were doomed to a future with an increased risk of...

  • Overall Poor Health
  • Pain
  • Blindness
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Amputation
  • Early Death

You see, in 2005 I learned that a global epidemic that was claiming hundreds of thousands of new victims each month had its grip on my life. My physician, a soft-spoken internist with a soothing bedside manner, delivered the news firmly but gently...

I Was A Diabetic!

My blood sugar was through the roof, and my body was showing all the classic signs of the cellular and organ damage that usually accompanies diabetes when it is untreated.

I was exhausted, frequently sick, often hungry and more than 100 pounds overweight.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my physician prescribed a common drug for "managing" blood sugar: Metformin. When one 850 mg tablet per day didn't achieve the results, he increased the dose to two 850 mg tablets a day.

Eventually, I was on three 850 mg tablets daily to keep my blood sugar at an acceptable level. Sure enough, those levels remained static and my doctor was satisfied.

But as I evaluated my health, I saw that all the causes of my disease remained.

So I began relearning how to eat, and in a few months, I lost thirty pounds. Friends complimented me and I felt better, but to my surprise, I still needed to consume the same amount of Metformin to keep my blood sugar counts at the right level.

Over time I grew accustomed to being diabetic and taking my medicine. And I held my weight steady at about 235 pounds, down from nearly 280 pounds before I was diagnosed.

But I was still unsatisfied. So, I rededicated myself and spent even more time learning about food. And then I built a new diet around healthy, natural, sustainable foods and created an exercise regime that I could conduct anywhere, anytime, regardless of my material possessions. And as a result of that...

I Dropped Another Forty-Five Pounds And Eliminated Diabetic Medication From My Life!

As I write this, I've not had my fasting blood sugar register more than ninety in almost two years! And I now know how to eat, eat well, and enjoy food while avoiding those foods that can put my health at risk.

At the same time, I have accumulated the knowledge of how to treat my diabetes if and when I need treatment and do not have a medical professional and the entire pharmaceutical industry available to me.

That being the case, I sat down and decided to write a book to share with others (who have suffered as I did from this debilitating disease) the secrets to overcoming all of the threats it poses to your life and well being.

It's finally finished and the title is...

Off-The-Grid With Diabetes:

What To Do If You Have Diabetes

And All Hell Breaks Loose

The book is short and to the point (just 97 pages spread over nine chapters). And it comes with a 100% money back guarantee that I'll tell you about in just a minute.

But first, here are the titles of each chapter and a small (very, very small) sample of what you'll discover inside...

CHAPTER 1: What Everyone Should Know About Diabetes

  • 2 simple ways the majority of diabetics can easily manage and maybe even reverse their condition... Pages 3-4
  • How excess sugar in your blood ravages your body... Page 4
  • 2 additional types of diabetes (most people have never heard of) that represent a real problem if you have one of them... but... are misdiagnosed with type 1 or 2... Pages 5-6

CHAPTER 2: How Our Western Diet Is Killing Us And What To Do About It

  • Shocking facts about genetically modified foods ... and... just how prevalent they are in our current food supply... Pages 10-11
  • An interesting correlation that may provide a cause and cure for the ravages of Alzheimer's disease... Page 11
  • Why you can't trust your health to Big Pharma, the FDA or the government... Pages 11-12
  • How living off-the-gird almost completely eliminates the diabetic threat... Page 14

CHAPTER 3: Dirty Little Secrets Big Pharmaceutical Companies, The American Diabetes Association, Insurance Companies And Mainstream Medicine Don't Want You To Know About

  • Why big pharmaceutical companies and doctors prefer to treat rather than heal you... Pages 18-20
  • Why herbal and natural treatments are routinely suppressed or dismissed... especially in America... Pages 22
  • A dangerous side effect of insulin and oral diabetic medication... Page 23
  • 2 extremely common medications that may actually bring on diabetes... Page 24

CHAPTER 4: How External Events May Threaten Your Health (And Life) Whether You Have Diabetes Or Not

  • The real truth about the fragility of our healthcare system... Page 28
  • 2 keys for long-term survival should all hell break loose... Page 29
  • How Obamacare may lead to increased insurance premiums, increased medical and medicine costs, rationing, long delays... and... lower quality of healthcare services... Page 31

CHAPTER 5: How To Make Food Your Medicine And Literally Eat Your Way To Health

  • Why meat and cheese are actually great for diabetics and the right types to eat... Pages 47- 49
  • 13 foods diabetics should avoid at all costs... Page 55
  • 12 diabetic "Superfoods" that must be on your regular consumption list... Pages 51-56

CHAPTER 6: Natural, Off-The-Grid Supplements For Diabetic Health

  • 3 natural forms of insulin and a specific type of vitamin that has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity by up to 60%... Page 63
  • A tasteless juice that has been shown to reduce blood sugar and triglycerides in diabetics by 40% in just 6 weeks... Page 64
  • An herb from India that, in clinical trials, showed a 34% decrease in fasting blood sugar levels after just one month... Page 66

CHAPTER 7: The Simple 3-Day-A-Week Exercise Routine That Helped Me Lose 100 Pounds And Defeat Diabetes

  • Why building muscle is critical to the diabetic... Pages 67-68
  • The best exercise to start with if you are inactive... Page 68
  • Exactly what to do on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of your routine... Pages 67-77

CHAPTER 8: How To Defeat The Common Ailments All Diabetics Face

  • 6 common eye problems diabetics face and 7 easy ways to treat and/or prevent them... 78-79
  • A naturally-occurring sugar that can actually help diabetics with heart conditions, pain, soreness, stiffness and chronic fatigue... Page 82
  • 6 tips for avoiding foot ulcers.... Pages 88-89

CHAPTER 9: How To Prepare For An Off-The-Grid Lifestyle With Diabetes

  • The first consideration in any survival plan... Page 91
  • Why every survival plan must include a relocation component... Page 92
  • 2 must have publications (you should get now while you can) for dealing with off-the-grid medical treatments... Page 97

Like I said, short and to the point. And there's absolutely no risk because the book comes with...

A 90-Day Risk-Free

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's the deal: The price of the book is just...


Order a copy 100% at my risk. Read it and try out my program and all the amazing tips and natural and alternative therapies as you wish. Then, if you are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, send it back--in any condition-- within 90 days and every penny you paid will be returned to you. No hassles. No questions asked, guaranteed!

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Sam Adams

P.S. WARNING: Like I said before, the information and opinions I share in this book are highly controversial. That being the case, again, even though I'm fully within my First Amendment Rights, I could be censored at any time and this information may be lost forever. Literally, this might be your one and only chance to get this potentially life-saving information. That being the case, it would probably be in your best interest to order now!

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